Mel Snyder is the owner of Meticulously Balanced. She has a passion for problem solving, killer excel spreadsheets,  and bringing order to chaos.

Mel has always been drawn to numbers and keeping things organized. As far back as childhood, she would create spreadsheets by hand on paper. Her love for bookkeeping dates back to her days in retail in her early 20’s where she gained skills as a store bookkeeper, closing out registers and counting cash and checks at the end of the night. Over the years, she has held a variety of office management and accounting roles that have utilized her financial and organizational knowledge. Mel has shifted her focus to supporting small businesses with their finances, taking care of the vital bookkeeping functions so business owners can focus on their passions.

If you are small business in need of help managing your finances and need expert advice on budgeting and growing your business, Meticulously Balanced is here for you!